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Jan Snel builds energy neutral homes in Hoek van Holland

9 July 2018 Nieuwsbericht

WVH is developing new-build homes for 159-161 Tasmanweg using an innovative construction method. The home are being built in the factory and assembled on location. On 9 and 11 July the components for the homes will be transported by heavy haulage.

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Jan Snel lays the foundations for international expansion

27 June 2018 Nieuwsbericht

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 26 June 2018 – Jan Snel Group. together with partner Dimensys, has laid the basis for future growth. In a record time of five months, they replaced an obsolescent ERP system with Prefab SAP S/4HANA.

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Opening of housing complex exclusively for migrant workers

25 June 2018 Nieuwsbericht

WAALWIJK – On 21 June, the first large housing complex for Otto Work Force was opened, and it was built by Jan Snel, one of the biggest modular builders in the Netherlands. With four hundred beds, the completed complex provides space exclusively for migrant workers, particularly from Eastern Europe.

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We completed this project in 12 weeks. Completion coincided exactly with the end of the summer holidays so that the students could get back to school right away.
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