Jan Snel lays the foundations for international expansion

Jan Snel lays the foundations for international expansion

27 June 2018 |

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 26 June 2018 - Jan Snel Group. together with partner Dimensys, has laid the basis for future growth. In a record time of five months, they replaced an obsolescent ERP system with Prefab SAP S/4HANA.

With more than 320 employees and an annual turnover of 125 million euros, Jan Snel is the market leader in flexible construction in the Benelux. The company builds flexible accommodation for healthcare, education, industry and other sectors. A prestigious example is the Amsterdam student accommodation complex, Ravel Residence, which was completed in around ten months. The building consists of 800 student flats, a restaurant, study area, dining area, library and laundrette.

Ambitious targets
The targets for the coming three to five years are ambitious. Jan Snel is aiming for an annual turnover of 200 million euros and is eager for market leadership in Western Europe. In order to achieve these targets, Jan Snel had to take several steps forward in the area of IT. The obsolescent ERP was one thing that stood in the way of continued expansion.
“For instance, stock information was in different systems. This made it difficult to find information quickly”, explains Richard Brinkman, Chief Financial Officer at Jan Snel (on the left in the photo). “If an employee in Montfoort needed a door, they would call Hulst asking they had one in stock. With projects that are not only increasing in number but also in size, the situation was no longer tenable. We needed more control over the business.”

Prefab SAP S/4HANA
The builder selected Dimensys to replace the obsolescent ERP environment with SAP S/4HANA Baseline supplemented by Dimensys Prefab SAP software and best practices. This gives Jan Snel an integrated standard solution based on Dimensys’s years of experience in construction.
Brinkman: “Like us, Dimensys is a no-nonsense organisation with an approach that suits a construction company. What’s more, Prefab SAP S/4HANA also proved to go well with a large section of our business. The software and best practices that Dimensys has developed for things such as service, project and rental management provide exactly what we need to manage the business properly.”

Rapid implementation
After selecting the appropriate solution, Jan Snel set a tight deadline; from proof-of-concept to commissioning at the six sites, the project was only allowed to take five months. “I am rather proud that we managed to meet the tight deadline,” explains Brinkman. According to the CFO, being able to go live so rapidly could be put down to a number of success factors. He provided several examples:
1. Focus on uniformity
“The Prefab SAP Baseline being provided by Dimensys and SAP was definitely suitable for 80 percent of our processes. Then you have to impress upon users that they must not deviate from it and that bespoke work is only permitted if there is absolutely no other alternative. If bespoke work was needed, it was dealt with quickly due to the excellent interaction between consultants and users.”
2. User involvement
“Although we got a lot of help from Dimensys, we consciously did a lot ourselves, for instance coordinating the test sessions. You can see this reflected in the user acceptance. The users we involved in the project and got to know the system from an early stage.”
3. Sticking to a tight schedule
“By setting a tight schedule, everyone feels the pressure to get cracking with, say, organising the data. We also quickly set up a test environment in which users were able to practice with the new system. If the deadline is a year ahead, nobody worries and sales and other areas of the business take precedence.”
“The approach we used suits the can-do attitude that is so typical of Jan Snel”, finds Peter Kleinjan, partner at Dimensys. “Jan Snel now has a better internal business, more control and better insight into performance. This means the company is ready for further growth.”

About Jan Snel Group
Jan Snel Group BV is the market leader in the Benelux when it comes to modular building solutions. Jan Snel specialises in permanent and semi-permanent residential, care, office, school and industrial accommodation. It offers clients both sale and rental solutions. By applying modular construction principles, in particular those involving the manufacturing of units under sheltered factory conditions, Jan Snel can improve quality and speed up the building process, while at the same time making a major contribution to sustainability in construction through recycling. For more information, please visit our website at www.jansnel.com.